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Operational Continuity  

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the entire world to a standstill. The unprecedented turn of events has resulted in restriction of movement around the globe, in a bid to flatten the curve and slow the spread of the disease. This had a domino effect on all industries, however much like most of the essential occupations in this time of crisis, the technology distribution space has to remain operational, albeit on a reduced capacity, to help its partner companies and customers deal with the impact of lockdowns; assist in the deployment of required automation for remote work set-up; and deliver the necessary technological tools to help bolster the medical infrastructure of every country.  

For the Ingram Micro Global Shared Services Center in Manila, home to approximately 2,400 employees, the onset of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) meant that they also had to enforce their employees to work from home. Without hesitation, leadership decided to close their office premises temporarily to ensure everyone’s safety and proximity to loved ones. They moved to expedite the distribution of equipment and work tools to associates for remote work set-up within two weeks. Timing was critical, highlighted by the need to procure additional devices and assemble network infrastructure at the 11th hour. Nonetheless, they were able to maintain exceptional service levels despite the limitations, as they continued to provide support for global operations.  


Associates’ Welfare Is Top Priority  

When faced with crisis, Ingram Micro’s first rule is to guarantee the safety, security and welfare of their associates.  

A robust Compensation and Benefit Plan was extended to all their employees, covering the first month of the quarantine regardless of their capacity to work from home, and made resources available to keep them financially secure during these challenging times.  


Introducing a New Normal  

Understanding that the abrupt changes required adjustment, the first few weeks of the transitional period was dedicated for leaders to build new norms within their teams and establish rules of engagement, while reminding associates of their accountability and emphasizing that business still needs to progress.  

To help both leaders and associates acclimatize to the new norms, they launched the Learn-at-Home campaign which aimed to educate leaders on how to lead virtual teams, and provided learning assets for associates to be on top of their workload from the comfort of their homes and still reach developmental goals.  

Their digitized JIVE Kudos rewards & recognition program proved to be favorable at this time, as team members used it extensively to thank their peers. The corresponding JIVE Store also came in handy, as associates who earned points used them to purchase necessities during the quarantine period.  

Continuous Health and Safety Campaigns  

Ingram Micro Philippines was quick to establish critical precautionary measures on how to avoid COVID-19 int the workplace at all costs. This included workplace sanitation, mask distribution and travel guidelines. Their Resource Hub also documented and published all critical information and developments about the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the protocols of their Health Partner in managing the disease.  

Under the ECQ, they launched the Wellness-at-Home campaign, which looked into the overall wellness of their associates while coping with their new arrangements.  

One of the primary concerns that they addressed  was how to deal with stress and anxiety. Human Resources shared useful infomercials on how to respond to these challenges, and also promoted Dial TALK – an Employee Assistance Program should they need to reach out for mental wellness consultation.  

To add levity to the work-at-home setup and ensure that their associates stay connected with their teams, they also introduced Fun-at-Home contests that promoted mind and body wellness, such as the daily #TimeOut Challenge that required associates to complete a variety of tasks, from physical exercises to mindfulness exercises and TikTok challenges. They brought their weekly Theme Day online to make group virtual meetings more fun and enjoyable. Other exciting activities they organized were Virtual Quiz Bee and online dance and music clubs.  

Their commitment to care for other communities was also brought to light. Gathered by the spirit of social responsibility, the associates pooled resources through a fundraising drive to aid the needs of front liners. 

Consistent Communication  

In this ever-evolving situation, Ingram Micro leadership found it critical to implement strong, consistent and effective communication channels. Their goal was to deliver accurate and timely information to associates and provide all possible directions and guidelines, assuring them of business continuity and reassuring their sense of security even when working from home. This was their way to ensure that associates can provide the necessary services for partners and customers.  

To align with this, they launched an internal survey to assess everyone’s condition and solicit feedback if their response was adequate and where it could improve.  

Better Together  

Management reaffirms that all teams across Ingram Micro went out of their way to keep business protocol seamless and coordinated the required movements on time. One of the highlighted teams was the IT Department, who delivered innumerable laptops and devices right to the doorsteps of the associates. This is the brand of Teamwork and Responsibility that exemplifies the best of Ingram Micro Philippines, making it truly a Great Place to Work™.

Xyris Tapia - Author
Xyris Tapia

Xyris loves to look at life through a broader lens. She is a certified bookworm, occasional writer, intrepid traveler and design enthusiast. She likes to create and breathe vibrancy to things. When not organizing events, she is a content contributor for GPTW PH and likewise handles corporate matters. A happy wife and a doting mom, she finds joy in unique experiences and believes that everyone has the potential for greatness.

We are all in this COVID-19 crisis together. And a collective crisis requires collective solutions. Join us on our next conversation/webinar to make sense of this unprecedented time for our organizations.

Let’s come together to share what is on our minds and how we are approaching the challenges that the coronavirus presents in our work and in our lives. 

“In times of crisis, people reach for meaning. Meaning is strength. Our survival may depend on our seeking and finding it” – Viktor Frankl


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