Great Means More: Navigating Change as an Authentic Leader

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About the webinar

Change is a challenge, no matter how big or small. When the ride turns turbulent, how might leaders navigate through uncertainty while remaining self-aware, open, and curious? How can we discover what really matters for our people while being cognizant of our own needs and motivations?

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your blind spots as a business leader
  • Stay true to your values and principles
  • Become more accepting of change in the workplace
  • Discover best practices in authentic leadership

About Coach Anda

Coach Anda helps leaders play a bigger game through one-on-one executive coaching and team coaching. She specializes in coaching:

  • Leaders who find themselves in new roles aspiring to optimize their leadership and the team,
  • Leaders who have transferred to new companies requiring assistance to integrate to their,
    new systems and environments,
  • And leaders who are growing their business and seek help to accelerate and become future-ready with their teams.

 About IBPAP

The IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) plays an indispensable role in sustaining the growth of the IT-BPM industry of the country. As one of the largest industries in terms of jobs and GDP contribution, IBPAP works with stakeholders in the government and academe to ensure supply of highly-skilled Filipino professionals delivering services across multiple verticals to global customers.

This webinar is designed for

  • CEOs and CHROs
  • Business leaders and decision-makers
  • Key people of influence in the organization

About the speakers

Anda Goseco, ICF-PCC

Global Executive Coach & Team Coach
Coach Anda

Anda Goseco is an award-winning ICF-PCC credentialed coach to hundreds of senior executives and their teams. With over a decade of experience, Anda is an expert on steering though challenging environments with a straightforward approach to solving complex team problems. Using her custom, coaching programs, Anda’s expertise has lead to high engagement scores, greater productivity, high accountability, double-digit growth, and a place on the Top 100 Influential Filipino Women on LinkedIn, Top 100 Influential Filipinos on LinkedIn, and a number one spot as the top Filipino content creator on LinkedIn.

Jack Madrid

President & CEO
IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP)

Jack is seasoned business leader with 25+ years experience in leading strategy, digital innovation and business transformation initiatives in various industries and organizations in Southeast Asia and Canada. As the CEO of the flagship association of the IT-BPM industry in the Philippines (IBPAP), Jack is responsible for ensuring the country retains its renown as the global outsourcing capital and is a firm believer in shaping corporate culture around the customer, with a proven track record of developing meaningful customer experience strategies with swift execution and sustainable results.

Antoniette Mendoza-Talosig

Managing Partner, Great Place To Work® Philippines
Principal Consultant, Great Place To Work® ASEAN

With a deep conviction in the timeless approach of being open, transparent and respectful to others, Toni is committed to enriching the lives of thousands of employees by building great places to work For All™.

Toni’s worked in partnership with Singapore government agencies, SMEs, MNCS and some Fortune 100 companies across industries and geographies; gaining extensive knowledge in creating better employee experiences for her clients along the way.

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