People Come First – How PCF Singapore’s Workplace Culture Provides Strength Through the COVID Crisis

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Often, the dedication and commitment of PCF’s frontliners are overlooked, but they continue to be buoyed forward by the indelible leadership and vision of its leader, Victor Bay. Even as the COVID Crisis affected the world over, including Singapore, these special individuals shone through for their communities and supported each other. In the midst of their challenges, PCF achieved Great Place to Work-Certification™ through the voices of their employees.

We invited Victor Bay to share how he motivates his team and continue to engage these educators and caregivers to inspire, nurture and care for the young and old alike. This webinar entitled “People Come First – How PCF Singapore’s Workplace Culture Provides Strength Through the COVID Crisis,” is hosted by our very own Evelyn Kwek.

The PAP Community Foundation (PCF) is a charitable foundation founded by the People’s Action Party (PAP) Singapore in 1986. 

PCF is committed to nurturing a multi-racial, fair, just and inclusive society by providing educational, welfare and community services. It is the largest preschool operator in Singapore with an enrolment of over 40,000 children and provides quality and accessible preschool education through 360 Sparkletots preschools island-wide. PCF also operates 7 Sparkle Care senior care centres that provide centre-based community care services for seniors who are physically frail and in need of supervision.

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