Diane Yco, Ingram Micro Philippines: The Quintessential Gen Z Professional

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“There’s this idea that we are more exposed to the culture of hustling. This has somehow led this generation to be achievers.”

Rachel Diane Yco, or Diane as she is fondly called, is a proud young member of Ingram Micro for three years now. “Consistently strives to be better,” “Engaged,” and “Communicates openly” are just some of the ways the management described Diane.

A budding employee with a bright future ahead, she is a part of the lean yet robust FLEX Team. With an educational background in Electronics Engineering and an affinity for all things technical, she is currently a Business Optimization Specialist.

Diane is not just integral to her unit, but also of the #6th Philippines Best Workplace 2022 under Large Category. One of the most awesome things about her job is that she gets to experience several other duties in the business. A taste of what it feels to be in the multiverse! This part of the job is coined “Staff Augmentation.” Here, she’s deployed to different teams to serve as a helping hand when the volume of work gets too out of hand. 

Also part of her professional responsibilities is crafting “Business Process Improvement” proposals. This facet of the job makes sense because it’s congruent with the role’s unique ability to be immersed in Gen Z is rapidly taking over workplacesvarious departments. A chunk of Diane’s responsibilities is to dig deep into the present systems, identify what works and what doesn’t, and propose adoptable solutions. A nifty and exciting element of the role if you ask us.

By now, we’ve shared a lot about Diane already. We’re all aware of her background, designation, scope, and more. But what else sets this sharp 24-year-old apart from the crowd? She is part of the flourishing generation that’s rapidly taking over modern workforces: the Gen Z.

In this insightful podcast, we dig deep into how the people in this group, like Diane, are breaking the norms. From what they care about in the workplace to their diverse tenets, we also explore why they are set to be pioneers of fresh perspectives at work.

A Force to Be Reckoned With: Gen Z

How do you describe this crowd anyway? Are they simply the people born from 1997 to 2012? For our featured employee, she touts her contemporaries as many positive things—goal-driven, naturally tech-savvy, open-minded, and more.

Errol Villanueva, Manager for the Go-To Market Support, identifies the Gen Z as, “A group that likes to feel respected and valued while enjoying their job.” 

Continuing the logic of the aforementioned, this workforce is the type that takes value from palpable positive company culture. Within the organization, this comes in the form of work-life balance, mindful recognition, a clear path for growth, various channels for learning, and trust from their peers and superiors. 

Gen Z employees are a rare breed. If you think about it, they are composed of people from the pre-Y2K era and an entirely contrasting age. This generation holds in their arsenal both old and new mindsets that lead to groundbreaking vistas of the future.

Because Ingram Micro values their Gen Z members, they have dedicated multiple endeavors to encourage and increase their level of engagement. Case in point: their 24-7 hotline service in partnership with LifeWorks. The 3-year consecutive Great Place to Work – Certified™ organization set up this platform for their employees to consult about anything under the sun—from advice on financial management to family issues. These types of initiatives are what truly make work more human.

Besides the above, another principle that is being propagated and molded for Ingram Micro’s growing Gen Z population is “Diversity and Inclusion.”

Michi Mariano, Engagement and Communications Manager, puts more depth into the values and logic that are embedded in their programs.

“Gen Zs value an equitable work environment where psychological safety is given utmost importance. Hence, we make sure that our policies and guidelines exemplify tenets that promote inclusion. We also ensure that we give visibility and celebrate diversity through resource groups and forums.”

A quick look at their Trust Index Survey™ results shows that their effort for a diverse and inclusive culture is reaping great rewards. A whopping 92% of the employees concur that when you join the company, you are made to feel welcome. What an impressive feat bagged by Ingram Micro!

On top of cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion, one of the key factors that make a company a great place to work is its flexibility. The only constant thing in this world is change. Hence, the policies, strategies, and solutions enforced in the workplace must adjust with time. You’ll sense this modern kind of mindset when we asked Errol how he sees Ingram Micro as an employer in the post-pandemic landscape.

“I see Ingram Micro leaning towards becoming more progressive as an organization. Such as embracing the Hybrid Operations setup, expanding our employer role as a social safety net, focusing on developing the critical skills of our employees, continuing to have open and frequent communication, and transitioning from designing for efficiency to designing for resilience.”

With an ambitious outlook for the future, Ingram Micro sets the bar high and establishes itself as an organization that Gen Z professionals like Diane would undoubtedly be proud to be part of.

Indeed, many things make Ingram Micro a great place to work. For Diane, her beloved workplace’s prestige goes beyond the attractive salary and benefits. It’s the confidence and assurance that she will be guided from the beginning until the end—regardless of how knowledgeable or equipped she already is.

Ever keen, she recounts some of the non-negotiables she hinged on when she was still a fresh graduate, 

“I think it’s important to choose a company that also reflects your values because it’s an extension of you. The culture must align with who you are.”

 What an answer that’s bustling with wisdom and Gen Z energy.

There’s more to imbibe from Diane’s Gen Z perspective in the podcast. Tune in, learn from her unmatched wisdom, and enjoy!

Ingram Micro is a Great Place to Work-Certified ™ company! Click here to view their Certification Profile.

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