Today’s heroes walk among us

They do not stand out in a crowd nor possess superhuman strength. They breathe, feel and struggle like most of us. They do not seek recognition, although they deserve it. Theirs is a spirit of humility, care, community, commitment, and resilience.

In these extraordinary times,
it is sometimes difficult to look for
a silver lining in the face of
challenges and grief.
2020 was a difficult year for the whole world. The COVID-19 pandemic happened without premonition, gripping us all in fear, confining us to our homes, and changing what we all thought was “normal” almost overnight.
It was relentless in its destruction and did not choose its victims.
In the Philippines, add to the scenario the sudden eruption of Taal Volcano in January, and the deadly Typhoon Ulysses in November, and the results were catastrophic. Many lives were lost in its wake, and more befitting to say –
Many lives were changed.
Yet, from the ashes of 2020 rose a unique breed of heroes.
These individuals stood bravely to face and overcome the most unfavourable circumstances and went beyond self to care for and provide the needs of others. Whether it be love for family or concern for the community that drove their cause, their actions, foresight and initiative were entirely their own, and changed so many lives for the better.
These individuals are entirely in our midst.

The Courier

Who continues to deliver more items than he can usually handle because travel restrictions now hinder the public from procuring them easily.

The Support Staff

These are the skeletal workforce who brave the commute to get to the office to push papers and get things done. They are the work from home support staff. They keep the companies and the economy running.

The Production Worker

Walking or cycling their way to work, silently grinding on the factory floor, keeping the wheels of the Industry turning – supplying for the needs of many.

The Business owner

Who chose not to let go of any employee. Instead, he looked for creative ways to sustain the business because he knew that if he let anyone go, lives will be affected.

The Parent

Who now has to balance work with childcare because of new home-school regulations. They are with you; they are among us.
Great Place to Work® Philippines
wishes to honor the heroism of Filipino workers and employers
We aim to bestow respect and admiration for the indelible Filipino spirit, who despite being battered by storms, would never give up. In fact, the Filipino is one who would stand up and hold up his brother.
As we celebrate the Philippines’ Best Workplaces 2021, we will shine the spotlight on organizations who are at the forefront of this cause – with leaders who are genuinely concerned for their people, who go beyond taking care of employees and their families, and put extra effort into reaching out to communities in need.
Join us in this endeavour.
Join us for virtual reveal of the Philippines Best Workplaces 2021
and celebrate the heroes who walk among us.

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