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A great workplace is one where you TRUST the people you work for, have PRIDE in the work you do and ENJOY the people you work with



Managers can improve employee experience through effective communication practices, demonstrating competence and integrity.
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Managers promote inclusive behavior, and they are supported with policies and practices that promote equity, impartiality and justice in the workplace.
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People need to feel cared for not just as an employee, but as a person. The level of support, collaboration, and care employees experience through management’s actions towards them make them feel respected.
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A genuine sense of value and acceptance where employees feel that they can be themselves when at work. There is a team and family spirit that is evident in great workplaces.
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Employees feel proud for being a part of the organization, they are proud of their individual and team accomplishments, and of their contribution to the community.
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What is an Employer Brand?

Employer brand is a company’s reputation as an employer. It is a key component of the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) for job seekers and employees in exchange for their experience, talent, and skills. Positive employer branding helps to attract and retain quality employees, who are crucial to the success and growth of the business.

Answers to Your Employer Branding Questions

Why Employer Branding

The term ‘employer branding’ has been gaining significance in HR circles in recent years. In the age of social media and employee feedback platforms, most if not all job candidates search online to get the scoop on companies before deciding whether to work for them. Studies show that 75% of candidates identify a company’s reputation as a key consideration when exploring new career opportunities. To strengthen their employer brand, companies have also been investing considerable resources in their Marketing and Communications functions with involvement from some prominent brand ambassadors.

In working with many great workplaces globally, here are some of the known benefits of having a strong employer brand.

Engage and retain your top talent.

In the recently published Philippines Best Workplaces 2021 Insights Report, the statements ‘I want to work here for a long time’ and ‘People look forward to coming to work here’ both garnered an average of 92% in Philippines Best Workplaces, 14 points higher than the average of 78% from Philippines Rest.

I want to work here for a long time.
People look forward to coming to work here

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Episode 5 PANDR
NEARSOL Philippines
UnionBank on Employer Branding

Attract qualified job candidates.

Most everything a job candidate needs to know can be found online and shared on social media. In fact, 86% of workers1  would not apply for, or continue to work for, a company that has a bad reputation with former employees or the general public. Having a strong employer brand gives an organization a strong advantage in the competitive recruitment market. Companies with strong employer brands receive 50% more qualified job applicants giving the company the best choices while spending less time and effort in filling open positions.

of Workers would not apply for, or continue to work for, a company that has a bad reputation.1
Companies with strong employer brands receive
More qualified applicants

Your employees are your best brand ambassadors.

Recent data on Philippines Best Workplaces show that the statement ‘I would strongly recommend my company as a great place to work,’ garnered an average of 95% from the top 10 Best Workplaces as compared with an average of 83% from Philippines Rest. Happy employees also openly promote their company on social media, brag about their workplace culture with peers, and go the extra mile for their customers. This makes the company stronger without having to spend more on marketing because awareness increases through word of mouth – from your most important evangelists – your employees.

I am proud to tell others I work here
I will strongly endorse my company to friends and family as a great place to work

Financial gains and returns for your business.

The benefits of a strong employer brand translate into financial savings through improved recruiting and employee retention including:

Wear your Badges Proudly.

How Great Place To Work-Certified™ Companies Do It.

How to Build a Strong Employer Brand

Two-Part Webinar Series: Why your Employer Brand Matters in Times of Transition
Session 1 | Marketing as Enabler for Employer Branding with Cathy Ileto
Session 2 | Step into Greatness with Ingram Micro : Building an Employer Brand that works.

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“This year, amidst the pandemic, we recognize our heroes at 3M Global Service Center…our employees. The 3M community, as whole came together, to enable virtual work, deliver consistent quality of service, exceed client expectations and serve the community. It has been a remarkable GPTW journey, one that is built on trust, empowerment, diversity and inclusion through the contributions of everyone in the organization. This recognition reflects the culture elements we embody and thank all 3Mers for their continued passion to our vision of helping companies advance, enhance every home and improve every life. At 3M, our employees will remain our top priority and we will strive to be a Great Place to Work for our 3M family.” 

-Reggie Pulumbarit, General Manager, 3M Service Center APAC

Visit: 3M Service Center APAC Profile

“PSG IS A GREAT PLACE TO WORK® because they will give you a chance to excel, prove your worth and redeem yourself. A workplace that promotes work life balance. You will be surrounded with good people who will boost your self-confidence and can help you to achieve your goals. I have my BU Head, Manager and Supervisor who believed in me, in what I can do and what I’m capable of. A great team that I can work with to achieve our client goals while having fun.”

-Timmy Rose Bacani, Senior Recruiter, PSG Global Solutions

View: PSG Global Solutions Profile

“I have to admit that I was hesitant to apply to AMZ-Allstars at first. The hesitation comes from the fact that e-commerce is a whole different world for me, coming from an Application Support background. The selection process was very stringent and still is, as the qualifications are relatively high.

I am happy to be part of a new organization that is growing as we speak. The management always magnifies my strengths and makes me feel better than I ever thought I could be. I can feel that they care about me as an individual and my professional growth. There’s healthy competition that will drive you to do more, and your hard work is always recognized.

AMZ-Allstars and our US counterparts always try to accommodate differences. Our organization is very diverse – gender, age, ethnicity, race, and the like. Individuality has always been respected and nurtured.

Lastly, I just feel good working here at AMZ-Allstars. Today, I woke up raring to go to work and looking forward to yet another inspiring day with my colleagues.”

-Jennifer “Jeng” Dela Cruz, Employee, AMZ AllStars

View: AMZ AllStars

“Since the time I joined Ericsson, I have always felt that it is a great place to work. The management has a clear vision and direction on where they want the company to go. They truly care about the health, safety, and development of their people, and they foster a speak up environment where employees have a voice and are encouraged to share their ideas and give regular feedback.

Being officially certified as a Great Place to Work® is an added badge of honor to the company. It is a validation that Ericsson is an employer of choice where employees thrive, succeed, and are inspired to do their best always.”

-Employee, Ericsson Telecommunications, Inc. ​

View: Ericsson, Telecommunications, Inc. Profile

“Great company to work for. Very principled company which places a premium on the safety of its personnel and operations. Since we spend so much time with our co-workers, it’s important to like and respect them. Working with people who are supportive and understanding fosters personal connections and growth. With this kind of favorable working environment and benevolent people, our common goal is achievable.”

-Randy Peña, Employee, Dow Chemical Philippines, Inc.

View: Dow Chemical Philippines, Inc.

“I take pride in being a part of a company that is Great Place to Work-Certified™.

It is reassuring that I made the right decision to start my career in Servier Phils. My commitment to serve this company has strengthened during this time of COVID-19 pandemic, because it is also during this most difficult and challenging time that Servier Phils. has shown its genuine concern for the welfare, health, and well-being of its employees. For this, I am truly grateful. It gives more than it takes. That is my company. How can I not be proud to be a part of it?”

-Grace Ng, Area Manager, Servier Philippines, Inc

View: Servier Philippines, Inc

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Philippines Best Workplaces™ 2024 Methodology

Employees respond to over **60 survey questions** describing the extent to which

their organization creates a great place to work For All™️.

85% of the evaluation is based on what employees say about their experiences of trust and reaching their full human potential as part of their organization, no matter who they are or what they do.

Great Place to Work® analyzes these experiences relative to each organization’s size, workforce make up, and what’s typical in their industry. The remaining 15% of the rank is based on an assessment of all employees’ daily experiences of innovation, company values, and the effectiveness of their leaders to ensure these are consistently experienced.

To be considered, companies had to meet the Great Place to Work-Certified™

standard. Trust Index©️ survey results are accurate to a 95% confidence level with a 5% margin of error or better to ensure the survey results truly represent all employees.

We review any anomalies in survey responses, news and financial performance to ensure there aren’t any extraordinary reasons to believe we couldn’t trust a company’s survey results.

Companies with 10 to 99 people were considered for the Small category.

Companies with 100 employees or more were considered for the Medium category.

Companies exceeding 1,000 employees were considered for the Large category.


To be eligible for the World’s Best Workplaces list, a company must apply and be named to a minimum of 5 national Best Workplaces lists within our current 58 countries, have 5,000 employees or more worldwide, and at least 40% of the company’s workforce (or 5,000 employees) must be based outside of the home country. Extra points are given based on the number of countries where a company surveys employees with the Great Place to Work Trust Index©, and the percentage of a company’s workforce represented by all Great Place to Work surveys globally. Candidates for the 2017 Worlds Best Workplaces list will have appeared on national workplaces lists published in September 2016 through August 2017.